Seasonal Garden Containers

We specialize in creating unique garden containers for each season. Our containers are each customized to fit your needs and budget. Each container is designed with your favorite colors, scents or textures in mind. 

We carefully select premium plants and plant materials for optimal satisfaction. Our unique designs are based on surrounding landscape conditions, such as sun, shade and watering demands. We offer two services for our Seasonal Garden Containers. Please see below for details. Routine maintenance is available upon request. Please contact us to find out more!

All Season Containers

With this service you receive a one-time planted garden container(s) in spring for all season. You may choose to use your existing containers or have Garden Secrets select and purchase for you, unique containers to match your hardscape. There is no limit on the quantity of or size of the container(s). We will work with all requests and deliver!

Seasonal Switch-Out Container Program

Get the same look as our All Season customers, but without our maintenance. You select the seasons you want and we'll come back when it's time for the change. With the Switch-Out Program offers you four uniquely designed containers for each season:

  • Spring
  • Summer 
  • Harvest/Fall 
  • Winter

We come out to your house for an initial consultation. Then together we will browse through our portfolio to determine your preferences.

  • What are your favorite colors?
  • Do you prefer lots of flowers or does texture appeal to you? 
  • Anything else you want us to consider?

Next, we will do a site analysis for planter placements and sun exposures. We then take all this information with us to the nurseries to get your plants. When we return, we will plant them into your planters and finish up the planting.    

There is a minimum of two seasonal containers for each residential and commercial client. You may choose to rent each container from Garden Secrets for a small fee. There is no limit on the size of the containers. We will work with all requests and deliver!

Maintenance Service Package

Garden Secrets makes bi-weekly visits to your home, keeping your planters looking their best. Our regular inspection keeps the pests away and your plants in top form. We will deadhead spent flowers, spray for any sign of pests or disease, and fertilize as necessary.  


We carefully select our suppliers to ensure that you are provided the highest quality materials available. Lush, healthy foliage and brilliant color...we go to great lengths to obtain the finest plants for you, often shopping at several places. A premium-grade, sterilized potting mix is used and is supplemented with a high-quality, long-lasting, slow-release fertilizer. This mixture ensures proper drainage, boosts plant strength, and provides continuous nutrition for your plants.

Garden Secrets will find new containers or we fill your existing containers to beautifully compliment your home. 


We've kept it simple...We charge the retail price of the materials and add 35% for each container to cover our fees. 

For seasons that require old soil to be removed, we like to start fresh in spring and add new potting soil. This is an additional cost or replace it yourself and save! 

If needed, we have containers available for rent for our All Season Container Package or we can purchase containers for you to compliment your landscape.