Business Owner of Garden Secrets

Katie Hesse

Established in 2018, Garden Secrets was started when the owner Katie, decided to take her lifetime of gardening experience and channel it into a sustainable, viable gardening service. Unlike the typical landscaping service, Garden Secrets is dedicated specifically to the care and quality of the individual plants as well as the well-being of the garden as a whole. We are able to do this because we keep a specialized focus on the flowers. Garden Secrets is dedicated to maintaining an honest, reliable, customer service driven experience for our clients and a socially positive work atmosphere for our employees.   

Katie was born and raised on a hobby farm in Southern Minnesota. Her lifetime love of gardening came from working in the garden with her grandmother.  After graduating from Sibley East High School, she pursued a degree as a Paralegal. After graduating from college, the company she worked for experienced significant budget cuts and layoffs. Katie sought to reinvent herself and accepted a part-time position as a Gardener at Schell's Brewery in New Ulm, Minnesota. The part-time position quickly turned into full-time within a few short months. Soon Katie was the Head Gardener responsible for growing, planting and maintaining over 34,000 annual plants a year. Plus all of the existing perennial beds and the upkeep of the entire grounds. She worked for the brewery for over four years and in 2017 she began to take on her own clients. Growing up on a hobby farm, gardening just came easy to Katie. It also became more than just a job to her, it became a true passion in her life. Over the years, this showed in her talents and in all aspects of her work as a Gardener. While working at the brewery, Katie began her ongoing education in Horticulture. She is now currently serving clients in Southern Minnesota as well as in the Twin Cities Metro Area.