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Garden Secrets Installation Services

We provide everything from concept to completion! Garden Secrets provides professional garden and landscape installation services for residential and commercial properties. Our installed areas are well-planned for long term growth and exceptional end results. Our staff is trained in the proper methods and techniques used when installing your annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees and materials. You can be assured that everything has been installed correctly. Our installation services may include:

  • Soil samples – upon request we will test soil ph and nutrient content
  • Light grading – top soil only
  • Soil amendments – top soil, compost, manure and peat moss - as necessary
  • Highest quality installations of bulbs, annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees
  • Seasonal color additions & plant hardiness
  • Weeding installed areas prior to planting
  • Proper location for light exposure 
  • Proper drainage & adequate watering
  • Slow-release fertilizer - added to provide nutrients during the growing season 
  • Pruning and deadheading – according to individual plant needs and requirements
  • Root stimulator 
  • Application of a pre-emergent – Preen weed blocker 

A walk-through is provided upon completion to discuss routine maintenance measures for the areas installed, Garden Secrets offers a professional maintenance service to help maintain your new and existing areas.

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Garden & Landscape Installation Services

A renovation and installation project - September, 2018.