Garden Coaching


Do you want to garden but don’t know where to begin? We can teach you effective techniques and strategies to keep your existing landscape in top condition! Garden Secrets offers garden coaching services designed to guide you on the path of self-sufficiency and enhance the overall beauty of your home or business. We offer one-on-one coaching services from March – October. Our Garden Instructor will come to your property and help guide you through your garden challenges. Listed below area just a few examples of topics we could discuss:

  • Cutting back perennials and winter protection 
  • We can meet you at local nursery and help you with plant selections
  • Dead-heading and trimming
  • Properly positioning new plants in your landscape
  • Techniques on planting and transplanting
  • Plant selection for specific areas
  • ​Creating attractive garden containers
  • Pruning and plant maintenance advice
  • Pest identification and disease management
  • Tree care and assessment
  • Plant identification 
  • Weed control and proper weeding techniques
  • Soil amendments and improvements
  • Selecting plants for privacy
  • Plant combinations
  • Creating a certain garden style

**Please note that during our coaching sessions, we do not consult on any hardscaping services such as patios, lawn care, tree removal, etc. 


We offer one hour coaching sessions. Your gardening coach will come as often as you’d like. 

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During our coaching session you can have a notebook ready and take as many notes as needed. Or if you just want to listen? Skip the notebook. For an additional cost, we will put together a Garden Secrets Journal with a re-cap of our coaching session(s). You can use your Journal as place to track and keep record of your own future successes or challenges.  




Are you wondering how to prune a certain plant? Or when you should divide your perennials? We make custom Plant ID Cards that feature a full color photo for visual recognition, as well as "secret" tips and helpful information about the plant. You may provide us with a list of each plant or we can perform an on-site analysis of your property and identify all of your plants for you.




We offer Custom Ceramic or Wooden Plant ID Markers to help you continue identifying your plants, shrubs or trees year round. Customize your own set of 5 or 10 markers. 

Need help identifying your plants? No problem, we can come to your property and create a plant identification list for you. Details listed in checkout.