Garden Designs & Styles

Do you envy your neighbor’s yard? Would a beautifully landscaped setting attract more customers to your business? 

Garden Secrets provides quality gardening services to residential and commercial clients. We design all spaces, from small areas of a yard to entire properties. We provide professional guidance in creating a beautiful landscape that fits your budget and your needs. 

There are so many different garden styles to choose from, we will help guide you through the design process. Schedule a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your needs!

Garden Secrets Designing and Styles

Garden Secrets Designing and Styles

Design Package

Designing Services

Would a beautifully landscaped setting attract more customers to your business? Do you love gardening but just don’t know where to begin? 

Garden Secrets provides professional quality design services to both residential and commercial clients. We design all spaces from small areas to entire properties. Designing with plants must start with an intelligent landscape plan and not just a random process. All properties are different and of all our designs are unique, therefore it’s important to us that we meet your specific needs and also within your budget. You can be assured that Garden Secrets will provide you with a well-planned design for long-term growth and a perfect end result. The following is a guide into our design process:


We offer a free 30 minute consultation that starts with a walkthrough of your property discussing your needs, likes, dislikes, your budget and will provide you with a design estimate. 


Our designer will complete an on-site analysis, taking specific measurements and photos of your property. A draft of your design plans will then begin. We carefully select and determine which plants are suitable for your site. Reviewing factors such as sun and shade exposure, shape, colors, texture, foliage and height. The aim is for all of the landscape plants to harmoniously work together throughout the seasons.


Our designer will schedule a meeting to review the drafting of your plans. Our unique design service offers a virtual 3D imaging feature that shows you a computer simulation of your property in detail. We will present options that show correct plant spacing and growth, allowing for maturity rate, seasonal changes and different planting options. The flexibility our design program provides you with an easy to understand guide of your plans that can be easily modified or changed, saving you unforeseen expenses in the future. 


Our designer will modify any changes in your design an create your final plan. At our final meeting, we provide you with a completed 3D virtual design plan, a packet including a blueprint hardcopy of the design, your planting plans, a plant schedule and layout with quantities and estimated costs. At this time, Garden Secrets can also propose to you our installation services that include a detailed timetable, cost estimates of your project and a payment schedule.


Fees are based on the total square footage of the areas designed. A down payment of the total design costs is due before designing is undertaken. An invoice with the remaining balance will be provided and is also due at our final design meeting.


Virtual Designing

A sneak peek of design examples in our Virtual Design Program. We customize your design to match your exact property!

Lots of Garden Design Options!!

Container Gardens

Container Gardens

Annual Gardens

Annual Gardens

Perennial Gardens

Perennial Gardens

Raised Bed Gardens

Shrub Gardens

Drought Tolerant Gardens

Rain Gardens

Lakeshore Gardens

Commercial Gardens

Contemporary Gardens

Pollinator Gardens

Cottage Gardens

Native Plant Gardens

Shade Gardens

Woodland Gardens

Wildlife Gardens

Colorful Gardens

Sensory Gardens

Water Gardens

Sculpture Gardens

Rose Gardens

Herb Gardens

Rock Gardens

Deckside Gardens

Cut Flower Gardens

Bulb Gardens

Hillside Gardens

Outdoor Lighting Designs

Outdoor Lighting Designs


Properly designed patio lighting, deck lighting and other lighting will not only highlight your landscape features, but also provide you with necessary ambient light to keep your family safe and secure. Garden Secrets can create a custom design lighting system that is right for you. We can then arrange a professional to install the outdoor lighting design for you. A professionally designed lighting arrangement will allow you to enjoy your landscape investment all year round.

Shapes and Shadows

Outdoor enjoyment doesn’t have to end when the sun sets. An effective lighting plan can add an exciting new dimension to your property. The dramatic shapes and shadows produced by deck lighting will create a captivating “moonlit” mood and provide a unique visual impression for visitors.

Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting can be used to highlight specimen trees and shrubs, accent architectural details in homes and businesses. 

Safety and Security

Safety and Security emphasizes proper illumination of walkways, steps, and driveways using unobtrusive lighting fixtures that won’t detract from your landscape.  Functional lighting will enhance the enjoyment and improve the safety of pool, patio, and outdoor recreation areas. Lighted areas can be manually activated, automatically timed, or motion-sensitive.

Free consultation


We offer fantastic, one-of-a-kind, restored, renovated and refurbished garden décor items for sale. Be sure to browse our Garden Decor section on our website and have our expert designer incorporate the item into your garden design. Our inventory is always changing, so check back often to see what is available! 


Design Questionnaire

Garden Secrets believes that the best way to understand what you want is to collect as much information ahead of time. This completed questionnaire, along with information that we collect from your property and additional research enables us to draw up a site analysis, which is an important part of the design process.